ryan Robson asks Manchester United to continue to pall Manchester City

Bryan Robson asks Manchester United to continue to pall Manchester City

Former Manchester United player Bryan Robson has asked his former club to stay focused, and can keep pepet rivals, Manchester City bos88judi.net.

Currently The Citizens are still firmly seated dipuncak standings with no record of defeat, but Robson asked his team is not affected by any conditions.

“Now what Red Devils need to do is stay focused and try how to win in every counter they play,” said Robson.

“I’m sure they still have a big enough chance to catch up with The Citizens. If there is Sir Alex Ferguson, he will give a message and say a sentence like me just now, “he continued.

Diego Maradona: Ibrahimovic The Foremost Person

Diego Maradona: Ibrahimovic The Foremost Person

According to the Argentine Legend, Diego Maradona, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is an important figure and very much anticipated by many parties bosjudi88.net.

As already discussed earlier, Ibrahimovic has recovered from his serious injury that happened to him for about 6 months, he has been put his name in the squad of Manchester United when Newcastle counter, although at that time he has not played.

“Ibrahimovic is a figure eagerly awaited by many, even every football lover at that time wondering how long he will comeback again,” said Maradona.

“A fantastic player who is loved by many people, fair if the news of this comeback widened so widely that many discuss it, he is an important figure,” he continued.

Lee Dixon: Chelsea Like Surrender

Lee Dixon: Chelsea Like Surrender

Chelsea players look like they gave up their defeat in a Champions League game against Roma, and according to Lee Dixon Bos88judi.net.

The Blues successfully beaten 3-0 in away games. Former Arsenal defender and England national team, felt it was caused by the mindset of players, who have experienced a decline after winning the Premier League title last year.

Dixon said: “It’s not the first time they’ve been in a position like this.”

“At the end of the game, they look like they have lowered their guns, and that is a very worrying thing. They look like players who have given up. ”

“If they do not change their mental, they will stay that way.”

Roy Keane agrees with Dixon, and feels the problem is difficult to settle for the Blues.

Keane said: “I have not seen such a bad defense for so long. Obviously there must be a problem in the club. ”

“They may lose one or two players due to injury, but they should not lose a gun during a match like yesterday. It’s hard for Chelsea to move forward. “