Vallejo Red Card Make Zidane Frustrated

Vallejo Red Card Make Zidane Frustrated

Zinedine Zidane recently admitted frustrated with the red card that Jesus Vallejo got when Real Madrid played in the Copa del Rey last night.

Where in the game, Zidane gave the opportunity to make his debut Vallejo. And the player is able to take advantage of the opportunity to play for the European champions team well.

However, even as they were 2-0 ahead of the end of the game, Vallejo inadvertently broke the captain of the host, Luis Milla, and made it out the field faster after red card.

“I can not be happy, he is not happy about the red card,” said Zidane told local media.

“But I will focus on how he played well in the game earlier, I will think of it and that is what makes me happy.”

Regardless of Vallejo’s mistake, Zidane also did not hesitate to give praise for his team.

“We played patiently, we scored two goals and not conceded. All players have played a great game. That’s what matters and we are all satisfied with the result. “Zidane closed.

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