Marco Silva Give Defense Richarlison

Marco Silva Give Defense Richarlison

After 2-1 over Arsenal, Marco Silva confirmed Richarlison did not drop his body intentionally.

Dilaga the Gunners are able to excel first through Per Mertesacker. But in the second half the referee awarded a penalty for the hosts after Hector Bellerin was thought to be breaking hard for Richarlison who was carrying the ball and the Hornets assured the three points after Tom Cleverley goalkeeper Petr Cech goalkeeper.

But after the game referee Neil Swarbick who led the game in consideration give advantage to the host. However, Watford’s coach judged the court was right on the field.

“I certainly respect the referee’s decision,” Marco Silva told the media.

“When I see that moment 50-50, this is not an easy decision, if the referee does not give us a decision, I have to accept it, but I do not see him as diving.

“I think the key is the way we play in the second half, we change our attitude in the game and I think also the way we respond after the 1-1 streak.

“But we must continue to believe we can score a second goal and we are lucky the second goal because we are also trying to find his fortune.”

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