Chris Kamara Puji Cesar Azpilicueta

Chris Kamara Puji Cesar Azpilicueta Former Stoke City player Chris Kamara says Cesar Azpilicueta is an unsung hero The reason, the Spanish national team retainer has given an outstanding contribution in defense, especially when the player is rotated. Interestingly besides being able to run the task of Antonio Conte, the former Marseille player can […]

Marco Silva Give Defense Richarlison

Marco Silva Give Defense Richarlison After 2-1 over Arsenal, Marco Silva confirmed Richarlison did not drop his body intentionally. Dilaga the Gunners are able to excel first through Per Mertesacker. But in the second half the referee awarded a penalty for the hosts after Hector Bellerin was thought to be breaking hard for Richarlison who […]

Southgate: Harry Kane Fantastic!

Southgate: Harry Kane Fantastic! Gareth Southgate again gave the hint that Harry Kane will be made permanent England captain after mentioning that the player is the best attacker he has ever worked with. Kane scored his 15th goal in all competitions this season and continued his impressive record and secured England’s victory over Lithuania despite […]

Mertens: I Do not Feel Tired

Mertens: I Do not Feel Tired Dries Mertens assured Maurizio Sarri that he did not feel tired at all, after the Napoli coach wants the Belgian national team players to rest during the international break. Maurizio Sarri revealed that he had tried to contact the Belgian nanny Roberto Martinez not to put Mertens in the […]