What’s wrong with Persib?

What’s wrong with Persib?

Persib Bandung re-record the results are less impressive after re-incised the results of the series to-11 during the event Liga 1 Indonesia.

Ironically, seven draws took place at home. Sunday (24/09/2017) afternoon, Persib re-won the 1-1 draw counter Bhayangkara FC.

After the long whistle sounded, the players looked lethargic, sitting down bowed in the green grass of Starling Harupat Stadium.

Coach Persib coach, Emral Abus, threw apology for the third time from four games that he passed.

Because, he realized, for fans Persib, series in the same cage with defeat. In a press conference session after the match, Emral attempted to make a defense.

“We know that this result is unrealistic, but we are grateful, in fact, in game there is an increase, but in the absence of influential Ezechiel,” Emral said.

Front-line crisis is a constraint for Persib. Two bombers Persib, Tantan and Sergio van Dijk, still struggling with injury.

Meanwhile, Raphael Maitimo is plotted as an attacker looks not so comfortable because he plays original as a midfielder.

“Maitimo is not a striker, but we peg him as a striker, hopefully in the future Ezechiel can play so Maitimo is a bit loose.If Ezechiel plays, maybe Maitimo and Essien could be looser to split the opponent’s concentration even though Ezechiel did not score,” he said.

Broadly speaking, Emral rate there is nothing wrong with the game pattern Persib. Because, said Emral, he was with assistant coaches always make improvements in each line.

“So there’s probably nothing wrong with us, the team of coaches always fixing up the outcome of what the game lacks when attacking, defending and transitioning, so every game we have a problem and that’s what we solved in training,” he said.

Wildansyah placement on the left side of the defense was questioned a number of parties. Because, Wildansyah have a typical play tend to be defensive. It was contradictory to Persib game style that relies on flank to build attacks.

In fact, at the post, there are a number of experienced players, such as Supardi and Tony Sucipto. The last name is not even included in the list of players.

Supardi had played in the second half. The entry of Supardi made the game Persib little changed.

“Why is Wildansyah downgraded because in the last match against Bali he is very good, disciplined, so that it can turn off players like Irfan Bachdim.Therefore, from the results of our evaluation, Wildansyah can be played from the first,” said Emral.

“About Tony, because the quota is only 18 players, when Supardi’s name is included in the line up and Wildansyah entered the starting eleven, Tony was forced not to be included.If the players inserted losses because we want to attack, while behind there are Supardi and Purwaka. to support (attack) because we play at home, “he said.

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