Compared to Messi, Egy Maulana is Low

Compared to Messi, Egy Maulana is Low

U-19 national team midfielder, Egy Maulana Vikri, performed superbly in the AFF Cup U-18 2017 Agen Sbobet Casino. Despite failing to bring the U-19 national team to the final, Egy was able to prove himself as a phenomenal player.

The player from Medan is famous for having the speed, ability, and instinct of scoring high. The Egy movement often makes the opponent’s defense ranks frustrated.

So no wonder, he became a goal U-19 national team with a record 6 goals. Got kemampun above average, Egy began to be considered a number of circles as Lionel Messi of Indonesia.

Then what is Egy’s response to the judgment?

“It’s still a long way off, I’m nothing, not too much to compare because I have to learn a lot more, work hard, and pray for my game even better,” said Egy.

“Who does baseball want (compared with Messi) .However, at this time, still far away,” said the player who idolized Barcelona.

Egy explained that the nickname given by the community as a compliment and it is used as a motivation for him.

“The people who judge, not me, whatever they say as long as it is positive or negative becomes the motivation for me to be better in the future,” he said.

Egy is likely to be the top scorer in the AFF Cup U-18 if played against Myanmar in the race for third place on Sunday (16/09/2017). With a record of 6 goals, Egy is only one goal adrift of the top scorer while the AFF Cup U-18, Win Naing Tun.

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