3 Causes Real Madrid Down In The Early Season

3 Causes Real Madrid Down In The Early Season

Real Madrid failed to reap the full amount when entertaining Levante in La Liga continued on Saturday, September 9, 2017, at the Santiago Bernabeu. In the game, Madrid had to settle for a 1-1 draw.

After the game Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane expressed his disappointment. Zidane upset because his team conceded first in the first round.

Losing two points at the Santiago Bernabeu makes Madrid failed to top the standings while La Liga. Currently they are only up to fourth from three games early in the season.

“We can not rejoice, but there is still time to change it,” said Zidane.

Zidane admitted disappointed with the appearance of Real Madrid especially in the first round. Ramos and his new friends played better in the second half.

“We lost two points and had to find a solution to play well and collect points,” said Zidane

Zidane admitted Real Madrid are experiencing difficult moments. However, they still have time to change it. Zidane said there are three reasons why his team failed to achieve positive results early in the season.


Real Madrid, Levante, La Liga

According to the Frenchman, with the opportunities that Madrid has in every game, foster children should be more effective. He cited an opportunity when the game against Valencia or the second round against Levante.

“We’re good physically. We scored a little goal against Valencia and Levante when compared with the chances we created. Just a few goals. ”

However, Zidane mentions in football that it is normal. There was an unhappy moment despite playing well. “But we have a party on Wednesday and we will prepare it well and we want to play well to add numbers” he said.


Real Madrid, Levante, La Liga

Although disappointed with the appearance of foster children, Zidane admitted will still change the team. Everyone is free to think, but Zidane stays with his decision.

With just one bad party I will not make a revolution. I am confident with what I do and I believe we can play better again “.

“I will not change it.After one bad game, we can not lose direction.This is what I believe,” said Zidane like Marca.

“We have to play better, but we also have to be patient in order not to lose honor, I’m not worried, a game like this is part of a season, like last year,” said the entrenador.


Karim Benzema Real Madrid

Zidane stated, this time the problem must be immediately sought solution, including the condition of the players. Finally, their flagship striker Karim Benzema suffered an injury.

The Frenchman was hit by an injury when Real Madrid met Levante. Playing from the early minutes, Benzema pulled out of the field and replaced Gareth Bale in the 28th minute.

Based on the results of the examination, Karim Benzema experienced problems on his right foot. As a result of these injuries, Benzema is predicted to be absent for three weeks.

Losing Karim Benzema for three weeks makes El Real suffered a crisis on the line of attack. Previously, Cristiano Ronaldo also can not play because of the ban ban five games.

But Ronaldo, according to Zidane, will play in Wednesday’s game in the Champions League. Furthermore, he will observe the development of the Portuguese star. “We’ll see, we’ll find a solution.”

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